Friday, July 22, 2011


This blog will serve as a type of clearinghouse for comments and remarks made by United States federal elected officials, especially in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I'll be publishing their words when it is apparent that what is being fostered is a Left-Right paradigm. This means, generally, typical class-warfare fear-mongering from the Left (liberals, Democrats, what-have-you) and typical war-loving social-engineering from the Right (conservatives, Republicans, etc).

I'm not going to publish remarks from long ago. I want to post only current speech, that is, today! In so doing, this blog will be a diary of such divisive and isolating behavior.

I would like YOU to participate by sending to me outlandish, anxiety-driven, or manipulative comments from these politicians. What I'm looking for, ideally, is that you report on your own representative or Senator. All reports must be verifiable public comments, from Congressional speeches, town hall meetings, TV and radio, etc. No hearsay or innuendo. I will not publish your interpretations or opinions. Send all information to my email. I will post daily.

In addition to Congress, I will also publish Left-Right paradigm verbiage from the President and his cabinet members (Vice-President, EPA, FCC, etc), from candidates for office, and the like. I won't be publishing any comments from TV or radio personalities (who are paid to be entertaining or abrasive), so nothing about Glenn Beck or Rachel Maddow.

I hope this blog will become a source of information and entertainment, a place to see just how much politicians lead us by our fear and greed.